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The practice of avoiding virgin plastics



Custom/unique frames, if you choose to, will be made by the artist using reclaimed materials available at the time - it can be scaffolding board or previously damaged/used soft- or hard- wood. The wood will be reclaimed (cleaned/sanded/straightened) and the work will be mounted on acid-free mount board, with various options for a piece of glass cut to fit.

Glass, of course, shatters more readily than plastic in the process of delivery. There's even an artist making artwork out of that process. One possible option is that the custom frame is made to expect a piece of glass to fit but is costed and posted without glass to minimise packaging. 

This is different from what we are used to: having lots of choices and repeatable results in repeatable timeframes. 



Works are wrapped in paper and cards. Archival quality original artworks are wrapped in acid-free tissue/glassine, sometimes they have been used and reclaimed from the printmaking process. 

Urban Wildlife (2022)


Three Collographs

(one more to be photographed)

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