from XHealth Lab II (2019) - a design game by Stephanie Pau    

studio andnand is a futures thinking studio specialising in working with problems that need to be explored and alternative/future possibilities to be generated with stakeholders. ANDNAND operates in the space of design activities and artistic creations.


Not every exploration needs to involve technology, however, if futures thinking involving technology is involved, that can be seamlessly supported based on a deep understanding of technology rooted in just under 15 years of experience in hands-on technology innovation delivery. 

   from Mapping Reflections (1999) - artwork by Stephanie Pau    

Design, as in facilitating futures thinking and co-creation in their various flavours; applying existing and developing new methodologies from said disciplines. 

Setting the stages for co-design of near and far futures:

miro snapshot - end of sprint.png

Digital Spaces

Digital - seemingly accessible space. How might stakeholders from all walks have a meaningful exploration/co-design session online? 

 from a co-design sprint in 2020 


 from SensoryXD 

 - a wearables catwalk at GIANT Health Event 2017 

 model on photo: Stacey Dorling 

 garment on photo: Danielle Jordan 

 choreographer: Mariana Lucia Marquez 

 photographer: Maggie Wong 

 producer: Stephanie Pau 

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Physical Spaces

Design games, unconventional conference tracks - making playful spaces for collective imaginations. The academic part of the work is published here and here

 from XHealth Lab II (2019) 

 - a design game 

Making of Imperfect Futures - Wellbeing and Ecology - Frame 1 (15).jpg

 from Making of Imperfect Futures - Wellbeing and Ecology (2021) - co-creating a collective design fiction; photographs of craft-works are creations and courtesy of the participants. 

Hybrid Spaces

Ongoing exploration. COMING SOON: writings are due to be published. 

The futures are plural
- they are possibilities,
except when
they are referred to as
the future (certainty) of a past. 

 Perspectives and Distortions (2021) 

Let's Sound the Futures out

in ways that are humanly or more-than-humanly


Stephanie Pau

Participatory Speculative Designer

(work in progress title, if it doesn't make sense, let's talk)

I facilitate people, systems and ideas to convene and reframe - overly broadly speaking. The approach I tend to take is partly informed by under 15 years of hands-on experience in delivering technology innovation, partly by reflective and participatory art and design practices - working with the medium of printmaking, installations, design games and abstract larp. 

I've recently published on design-based futures thinking methodologies and the future of human-robot interaction in space. Looking forward to facilitating collective sensing, thinking and working on near and far futures beyond the usual projections.