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Welcome to Studio ANDNAND.

ANDNAND is an art and design studio by Stephanie Pau. ANDNAND is offering alternatives to the status quo of futures thinking and futures imagined in a more-than-human world. Works are related to, but not limited to, health and ecology - because the world is made of systems, not silos.

Example Projects and Works

Participatory speculative design

There's much futures thinking work done with only the head. The futures are partly shaped by concepts of today and also beings (people included), materials, conditions (natural and not) of today. Operating beyond hegemony, I offer some alternatives at ANDNAND:


Participatory speculative design - projects that centers around collective knowledge production for near and far futures, in online and/or offline workshops using hands, hearts and heads to playfully think. Sometimes, inside an interactive installation.  

More-than-human research - "hands-first" health and ecological speculations with non-humans through an artistic practice of working with waste materials and tomato plants along these lines of investigations: deeper listening: hearing plastics out and attuning with tomato plants, un-readymades, petroleum-free printmaking.

Deeper listening:
hearing plastics out, attuning to tomato plants


Petroleum-free printmaking



papers, reports, zines

Beyond Dichotomies


ANDNAND is based in London, by Stephanie Pau.

There are several ways to read the name of the studio: and nand (nand is not-and in terms of electronics logic gate); and n’ and; or simply a series of a‘s, n’s and d’s, perhaps like a string of alternative DNA. Plurality. ANDNAND in one word also signifies the place I intend to operate from - both and neither, in the in-between space, beyond dichotomies. 

Open to commissions, collaborations, etc.
Let's talk!

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