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Welcome to Studio ANDNAND.

ANDNAND is a futures thinking studio, specialising in facilitating co-production / co-imagination of alternative futures with your stakeholders, conducting artistic and design research and producing games/objects/installations that make us think. Broadly related to health/care and ecology.

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Often times, in imagining the futures, dystopia or utopia is invoked. Three lines, four quadrants, which can be read as 2x dichotomies juxtaposed, are used to stratify the futures. The tools and models we used to think with constraints the shapes of the futures that can be conceptualised. 

Reflective Practices

Research and practice
more-than-human care

Participatory Speculative Design

Co-design of
near and far futures

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Tailor-made online creative workshops to facilitate pluralistic conversations and stakeholder engagements on important issues, for 3-70 people in a workshop.

Read an example of output "Belonging, Care, and Repair" with our client Careful Industries

Image from an online co-design workshop (2020)  


Photo from SensoryXD (2017)

 a wearables catwalk at GIANT Health Event 

 model on photo:

Stacey Dorling 

 garment on photo:

Danielle Jordan 


Mariana Lucia Marquez 


Maggie Wong 


Stephanie Pau 

>> more info here 


Design Games


Design games - making playful installations/stages for collective imaginations. My research on participatory speculative design is published here and here

 Photo from XHealth Lab II (2019) 

 - a design game 

Collective Design Fiction



Embracing the global connectivity of online conferences and the richness of knowledge in physical places to unpack tales of the futures.


No utopias, no dystopias. 

Image from Making of Imperfect Futures - Wellbeing and Ecology (2021) - co-creating a collective design fiction; photographs of craft-works are creations and courtesy of the participants. 

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