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Waste | Materials 
(second edition)


A visual essay on an experimental process of care, through working with unwanted waste plastic. 


First editioned to accompany the durational performance Esoterraria-P, here is the second edition. 


Format: Zine, roughly 10x15cm, 8 pages including front and back pages; soy-based ink on paper (risograph).

stephanie pau - zine 2 - reclaimation - methods for joining wood and repairability.jpg


Reclaimation - methods for joining and repairability
(first edition)

A visual note from my journey on working with reclaimed wood. A commentary on the three ways of joining wood, categorised by ”technology” - using screws (mechanical fasteners), proper joinery (just wood) and glue (adhesives).


Format: Zine, roughly 12x8cm, 8 pages including front and back pages; soy-based ink on cup-cycling paper (risograph).

PS: Zines are available at my next pop-up event, which I will share through the newsletter. The ultra-low volume newsletter sign-up is available at the bottom of any page on this site. 

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