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Reflective Practices

        slow and mundane
      research and practices
                        of care and reclamation in a more-than-human world
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Tomato Plants et al
(Selected works, 2021-)

Tomato plants, re-directed my attention to plastic packaging, soil and whatever context they've come to be situated in. Of course, a large part is also the circumstances I am situated in. What does it even mean to work with non-human beings?


Everything that goes into the bin,continues to exist,mostly on Earth,in one form or another.

I produced a zine to share an experimental process of care, through working with unwanted waste plastic. The zine contained very few words, it is mainly a visual essay / documentation of said process. The context of production: The first run was produced under the guidance of the wonderful womxns at The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-Sea. Produced to accompany the durational performance: Esoterraria-p (2022) and on the series of collographs where I used plastic waste material for image making. The first run of the zine has sold out. Shown here is the second run, which was produced with the dream team at Duplikat Press who suggested to print on a collection of leftover papers from other jobs.

Uncastingmaterialsfromthe waste bin

Portraits of Assemblage Creatures (2022)


Six Collographs of creatures from what we thought of as wasteland, made from plastic waste and framed in reclaimed wood/frames. 

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Esoterraria-p (2022)


A durational performance, open to, but not insisting on, participation at the Job Centre Deptford (Pub), as part of DeptfordX Festival.

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